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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

To start off

Tomorrow I have an exam, my sixth semester exams to be very precise. The first of the seven I have to give this summer. I find it preposterously amazing that I (like many others) can actually study a bit for a night and pass my exams with decent enough grades. That's how UPTU (no that's not a great site to visit) works and I find it really weird. Is that how engineers are produced. Are we actually encouraged to be mediocre in life? That's one hell of a question I've been dying to find the answer.

There are three quotes or sayings that are very central to my life: The first one says: "You have an obligation towards life to improve continuously with whatever you have right now". Ok, I'll admit. I find it hard to improve. It's not that I don't like to change. I love change. So here comes the second one: "The only thing constant in life is change". But improving yourself when others are actually enjoying their mediocrity sometimes shakes my faith. Why should I do this? Why should I go on my intellectual pursuits when everybody else around me is just trying to "take it easy" enjoying life?

But then I realize that "around me" is a very narrow boundary. If I extend that to include the whole world I find hundreds (if not thousands) of people going through the same dilemma. People who have seen beyond and who derive pleasure through work. Then again I come back, enlightened with these findings and try to apply them to my own thought processes. So I am getting close to being my favorite Jonathan.

Surprisingly, there's enough content in this post to...err...well post. I don't advice you to check back here if it did not amuse or interest you. And I don't plan to get this blog slashdotted sometime soon. But I do plan to post some half decent technical comments soon. I have a lot of other things that I could rant about. But you won't be interested in reading about them, would you?

PS: In case you're wondering about my third favorite quote, here goes "You see obstacles only when you take your eyes off the goal."


Rashmi said...

Hey Shalin...well it was nice to start by promulgating ur very own thoughts.....i'm sure ur techy postings r going to be unparalleled with really some good stuff....Good Luck....:)

tanvi said...

ahem..ahem..i am ineffable...just one word would say everything..its awesome..!!!! keep going.

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