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Friday, May 26, 2006

Search code, get code

Yesterday I got an invitation to try out the new Krugle Beta 6 search engine. For the lesser internet freaks, Krugle is a new kind of search engine. It is aimed at developers looking for technical content and, most importantly, code.

I signed up for the beta program immeadiately after I heard about Krugle through the MoMB (Museum of Modern Betas) about two months ago. So you can imagine the kind of excitement this newbie is generating among the developer community. This new search engine was listed in the hottest 100 betas list at the MoMB. And I think with good reason.

Let me show you around a bit. Krugle crawls and indexes public source code repositories like Sourceforge and the like. It also indexes source codes of many major open source projects such as Apache, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, you know what. So you can search for keywords such as Hibernate specifying the code language as Java. You can see the results here:

Clicking on any search result, opens it in another tab where you can also see the whole code, the project to which this code belongs and other related sources in that project in a tree view. For browsing anything you never have to go out of krugle.

Krugle also searches for Technical content, whenever you search for a particular keyword, it shows you the technical articles relevant to your search term. You can also choose to search only for technical articles or browse source code for an open source project.

Perhaps the most important utility feature that krugle offers is the ability to annotate, bookmark and share your search results. For example, a friend asks you to find file upload code for servlets. You can search for this term, find the most relevant code and technical article, add notes to them and share for him to browse.

Looks good on first sight. I'll post a detailed experience when I...err...get some experience. For now, I have my ERP test coming up in another 2.5 hours. Also, I am downloading the Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake" Release Candidate which is the almost final release up for beta testing. The final stable release will be up for grabs in June. Another blog posting coming up shortly. Keep watching.

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