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Friday, September 29, 2006

What's keeping me busy

I've been out of the blogging circuit for a while. So just an update on what's been keeping me busy.

I've been working on a host of things for Onyomo, many of which you'll be able to see soon on the website. I also attended the Microsoft's X-BOX India launch party on Saturday night. It was very cool, with performances by DJ Aqeel and Euphoria (Euphoria rocks!). Akshay Kumar was there to launch it. We were also shown the X-BOX TV Advertisement. They said that you people are the first ones to see this as it has not been aired on TV yet. It was awesome, O Brother! (catch it on your favorite TV channel soon enough).

Speaking of TV channels, I see a lot of publicity for SkyTV DTH Service here in Delhi. It seems to be catching up quite fast. While I am on these topics, it would be worthwhile to mention that Reliance has launched a Radio channel called BigFM on a frequency 92.7 with plans to make it pan-India soon. After all nothing about Reliance can be small, remember :)

I have also been trying my hand on Software Design competitions at TopCoder. I placed second in a .NET Javascript Drag and Drop component design but unfortunately scored 74.15 points. I needed at least 75 to claim the prize money ($600 for 2nd place). My Hard luck.

Anyways, I'll try to be regular now. Keep checking.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

And GMail continues to amaze me

Modern Day Alchemist - Use Gmail to generate unlimited e-mail addresses

Yeah, go check this out!

Voicemail in my GMail inbox

Today I got a first hand (and unexpected) look at the new voicemail feature in Google Talk.  I had a mail in my inbox with the subject "Voicemail from [friend's name] (30 seconds)". When I opened the mail, there was a cool Play button in the email (a.k.a Google Video). Also present there were options for "Play in new window" and even "Download as MP3". Cool!

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