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Monday, February 16, 2009

Announcing my return to blogging

Yes, it has been a long long time since my last post. I guess I lost interest in writing about the myriad of things out there. But, I sure did not lose interest in reading and learning about them.

I work at AOL Bangalore Development Center as a Software Engineer on a variety of cool projects. Life is great, work is fun and I'm having a good time. They pay me to work on such interesting things that I'd probably do them for free anyways :)

A lot of my work revolves around open source projects chief among them being Apache Solr. I started using Apache Solr (more on this in another post) as part of my job. Through a stroke of luck, my colleague Noble Paul and I, built DataImportHandler for Solr and contributed it back. Between then and now, both of us have been actively involved in working on Solr as a small part of our day job and as a big part of our spare time. These days, I'm a committer on the project and spend a large amount of time on adding new features, fixing bugs and answering user queries on the user mailing list.

Expect a lot of posts related to search in general and Apache Solr in particular. From time to time, I'll keep writing posts on the myriad of things I keep doing and reading.

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