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Thursday, December 14, 2006

ACM-ICPC Asia Kanpur 2006 Regionals

I went to IIT Kanpur for the ACM-ICPC Asia-Kanpur 2006 Regionals along with my teammates Varun Gupta and Vipul Goel. The regional was preceded by an online prelim contest where we were asked to solve four problems in three hours. The Top 50 teams were invited to IIT Kanpur to play the regionals. We were given six problems to solve in four hours.There were a total of 49 teams out of which only 25 were able to solve atleast one problem. We managed to solve only one problem (E).

Overall, it was a nice experience meeting such a lot of like-minded people interested in solving problems. I met TopCoder members codager, pranip, vinaysingh, Digibomb and abhicool personally. The winning team was from NIT Trichy with IIT Madras coming in second.

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