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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Updates to previous posts

Just posting some follow ups to my previous posts:

  • Got hold of this site from the Ubuntu Forums for help in dual booting Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux. Seems I am ready for one more try :)
  • Krugle has gone live opening up for everybody and not just the beta testers (there goes my exclusivity)
  • Although Blue Security has closed it's operations but their unique concept has not gone unnoticed.  An open source project called Okopipi intends to initiate anti-spam activities through a distributed system (like BitTorrent). Once again we see the power of the community playing an important role.
On the other hand, there's still no further word on the Goobuntu project and I am yet to find out whether upgrading to Dapper from the Breezy is still a murky affair. Meanwhile I got my hands into a how-to thread dealing with installing Windows fonts on my Ubuntu Linux. Keep checking.

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