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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Apache Lucene 2.9 Released

Apache Lucene 2.9 has been released. Apache Lucene is a high performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java.

From the official announce email:

Lucene 2.9 comes with a bevy of new features, including:
  • Per segment searching and caching (can lead to much faster reopen among other things)
  • Near real-time search capabilities added to IndexWriter
  • New Query types
  • Smarter, more scalable multi-term queries (wildcard, range, etc)
  • A freshly optimized Collector/Scorer API
  • Improved Unicode support and the addition of Collation contrib
  • A new Attribute based TokenStream API
  • A new QueryParser framework in contrib with a core QueryParser replacement impl included.
  • Scoring is now optional when sorting by Field, or using a custom Collector, gaining sizable performance when scores are not required.
  • New analyzers (PersianAnalyzer, ArabicAnalyzer, SmartChineseAnalyzer)
  • New fast-vector-highlighter for large documents
  • Lucene now includes high-performance handling of numeric fields. Such fields are indexed with a trie structure, enabling simple to use and much faster numeric range searching without having to externally pre-process numeric values into textual values.
  • And many, many more features, bug fixes, optimizations, and various improvements.
Look at the release announcement for more details.

Congratulations to the Lucene team! Great work as always.

This is also the last minor release which supports Java 1.4 platform. The next release will be 3.0 with which deprecated APIs will be removed and Lucene will officially move to Java 5.0 as the minimum requirement.

Solr 1.4 is not far behind and we hope to release it within two weeks.

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