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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Javascript on the server

I came across a project on called jsext. These people are trying to build a pure javascript based server side libraries for common tasks such as connecting to databases and other stuff. These libraries will be able to execute as native server side modules for SpiderMonkey, the Mozilla Javascript interpreter.

The idea behind it is that in most web development projects, javascript is often an integral part on the client end especially these days when Ajax has become quite popular. By making javascript as an option on the server side as well, multiple language development can be cut down and hence maintainability of the software can be increased. Cool!

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Anonymous said...

hello Shalin, do you ever install jsext on linux? i install it in my box, but when i run it, my box says "uncaught exception: Undefined symbol 'read_history' in". do you know what's wrong? thanks.

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